Upcoming Tours


Iconic Greece Tour
June 2018

Visit Santorini & Meteora - two of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in all of Greece.

Cycladic Isles Tour
June 2018

Wander through Santorini's cliffside village, and explore the underwater caves of Milos.

Aegean Isles Tour
July 2018

Begin in volcanic, rugged Santorini and move on to evergreen, sandy, Skiathos.


Off the Beaten Path

HellaTravels is your chance to explore Greece and trust that even though this is a tour, you are not a tourist - you are a traveler. We have the inside scoop and will show you the Greek life through its heavenly cuisine, jaw-dropping landscape, astonishing history, and most importantly, its gracious people. 


Supporting Women

Traveling the world by yourself can be an exhilarating experience. HellaTravels allows you to take that leap into solo-travel as a female with the comfort of knowing you'll make real connections and feel safe while exploring a new place.


Professional Photography

When was the last time you took a candid photo on vacation, that was actually candid...? HellaTravel tours come with a professional photographer so you never have to interrupt a real moment by experiencing it through a camera lens.


The Best Cuisine

Our goal is for you to get the best impression of Greece possible, and that includes the food. We place an emphasis on treating our travelers to the most authentic, fresh, local dishes and ingredients. On top of experiencing the local cuisine at mealtime, activities such as wine tastings and cooking lessons provide endless opportunities to expand your knowledge and satisfy your taste buds.


Reserve Your Adventure

HellaTravels helps women make the most out of their vacation in Greece while making lasting connections with a small group of like-minded female travelers. Our expertly planned, women-run, small-group tours lead you to explore the history, culture, landscape, and incredible beauty of Greece.