This was really a trip of a lifetime! Daphne created an incredible Greek experience that we couldn’t have planned on our own. We got to see so much of the country without the hassle and stress of planning or speaking the language. Our daily excursions were all so unique and incredible, and we got to sample an array of delicious food! I can’t recommend this trip enough!
— Sarah, Chicago
From the food to the views, Hella Travels knew exactly what to deliver. Our group had an incredible experience and I would highly recommend booking with Daphne.
— Jamie, Omaha
We had so much fun and loved that we didn’t have to waste hours making tons of decisions—we could just go with the flow and know that we were in good hands.
— Kiley, Minneapolis
Going to Greece with HellaTravels was amazing! Daphne was really organized and took all the stress out of planning a trip abroad. Her knowledge of the area and culture was clear in all the excellent excursions and group dinners she planned, and gave me the opportunity to experience Greece more fully than I could have planned independently. I would highly recommend visiting Greece with HellaTravels!
— Jessica, Netherlands
I had a great trip with HellaTravels! Daphne was on top of everything and recommended some cool and unique spots for us to check out everywhere we went. I doubt we would have been able to find those on our own. Her insider knowledge of Greece definitely made the trip. And, no offense to my fellow travelers, but I’m pretty sure Daphne made us all look better with her photography :) Would I visit Greece again with HellaTravels? Absolutely!
— Vinika, Netherlands
HellaTravels provides the most amazing vacation experience in the most amazing locations! Relinquishing the agonizing ordeal of planning an international vacation to not only a professional, but a local, completely transforms your vacation into unforgettable memories. Not only did we experience the islands beyond the tourist crowds, we were able to actually RELAX. Every detail was thoughtfully planned for us, including meals, best shopping areas, sailing excursions, and transportation - which in Greece can mean ferries, planes, trains and taxis all in one day! I cannot wait to visit other islands with Daphne and HellaTravels!
— Sarah / Houston, TX
Daphne planned a girls trip to Greece for a large group of us and it was one of the most enjoyable vacations I’ve ever been on. Not only was the Grecian landscape beautiful, but Daphne made it so easy for us to take advantage of all the things the islands had to offer, from sailing and volcano tours to intimate evenings at local restaurants. She is certainly the most organized and thoughtful travel service I have ever used. I would highly recommend HellaTravels to anyone looking to have the experience of a local rather than prescribed tourist!
— Stacy / Chicago, IL
By far the most idyllic vacation I’ve been on to date!! The landscape constantly surprised and stunned me - turquoise water with white sand, a black sand beach, and even a stunning red rock beach. Architectural landscapes also ran the gamut - from mazes of whitewashed buildings perched on the hills of the islands to the cosmopolitan Syntagma Square in Athens. Our guide Daphne knew just the right places to find romantic rooftop terraces overlooking the water AND the best street food on the islands (I couldn’t get enough gyros or tiropita)! On top of everything we got to see and do, Daphne’s lovely personality was the icing on the cake!
— Anne / New York City, NY
You can google hundreds of pictures of Greece and admire its beauty in photographs, but until you’re there, you can’t feel the sunshine on your face, the sand in your toes, your hand touching the ancient stone, or the fresh taste of a real Greek salad. I came back from Greece with hundreds of photographs, but the memories of the experience are what I treasure. My vacation in Greece had everything I wanted: relaxing times on the beach, exhilarating adventures snorkeling in caves and parasailing, indulging in delicious food, laughing with friends, and a nice tan as a bonus! And the best part was how easily the trip came together. Having Daphne plan the trip and guide our group along allowed us to focus on the fun!
— Olga / Austin, TX
One of the BEST experiences of my life! From tours of the beautiful islands to fun nightlife and midnight dining, Daphne made this trip to beautiful Greece carefree. She is very knowledgeable of the area. Our trip included: planned meal locations, cafe stops, adventures like parasailing and snorkeling, and much more. If you are like me (and safety to a foreign country is a priority), I can honestly say that Daphne and her team are reliable, cautious, and very efficient. Thank you HellaTravels for the great memories I will forever have of beautiful Ellada (Greece). :)
— Reem / Houston, TX